Be honest in everything we do.
Cheating is worthless, aiming victory together.Ch. Duval, CEO

Taking care of our customers needs and provide them
quick answers is our priority.S. Delauné, customer support

There are more boldy than talent in success.C. Duval, manager

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Our policy

Our approach: you know Wattshumain ?

Wattshumain is a word invented by PDCA and used to describe its policy of continuous improvement. Wattshumain the word is composed of two parts: "Watts" is the "energy" and "human" means "human" part. Wattshumain is an approach that we actively use to improve the quality of our work. It encompasses many principles such as:

  • Always have a smile
  • Be open to discution
  • Do not judge, do not blame
  • Do not let go
  • Constant questioning
  • Nothing is ever finished
  • Be true
  • Keep it simple
  • Motivation and
  • Anticipate
  • Teamwork
  • Do not be ashamed of not knowing
  • Always answer
  • Adapt to market
  • Namely looping
  • Proud to be PDCA

Values: Your rasoins to choose us

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